Run With Total Foot Protection

    When was the last time you had an excellent running workout, with no physical discomfort or distractions? If you’re constantly worrying about your socks and feet while running, it’s time to make a change to your running socks. When you run with the wrong socks, it can be a domino effect that negatively impacts your physical wellbeing and your athletic performance. Regular socks are not a good option for running, as they tend to soak in and retain moisture when you sweat, which when combined with heat and friction, can lead to uncomfortable blisters and hotspots. So, if you shouldn’t run in regular socks – what are the best running socks? Meet Injinji, the best toesocks for running, from every day training and 5ks, to marathons and ultra marathons. Injinji’s unique running toesocks wrap each toe in fabric, providing three main benefits over regular socks.

    • Blister Prevention - By protecting each toe individually, Injinji’s running toesocks eliminate skin-on-skin friction from the equation, preventing blisters and hotspots.

    • Moisture Management – Injinji’s running toesocks wrap each toe in moisture wicking material, which furthers aids in the prevention of blisters and keeps your feet dry and comfortable while running.

    • Total Foot Utilization – The five-toe sleeve design of Injinji’s running socks naturally separates your toes. When your toes are able to properly align and splay, your weight is distributed evenly which allows your entire foot to be engaged every step of your run. Ready to try Injinji's run changing socks? Here is what we recommend for running.

    Run Series – Road Running Socks

    The Run Series was Injinji’s first toe running sock collection. These are the best toesocks for running, especially if you haven’t worn Injinji socks before. Made for training runs and race days – Injinji’s versatile Run series offers a wide variety of comfortable running toesocks. The Run socks leverage our patented five-toe technology to keep each toe separated, which eliminates the friction that can cause blisters while freeing your entire foot and toes to splay and align naturally for better comfort and feel. Integrated ventilation helps your feet breathe, and an ergonomic fit moves with you mile after mile so your socks don’t slip around in your shoes. The Injinji Run series is available in two moisture-wicking fibers, COOLMAX EcoMade and Merino wool, to keep your feet cool and dry. Choose from a wide selection of heights and weights (fabric thicknesses), for your personal style and comfort preferences. 

    Ultra Run Series – Ultra Running Socks

    Injinji’s Ultra Run socks are the perfect cushioned marathon socks for road or pavement. High milage running takes a toll on your feet and toes—and wearing the wrong socks during marathons and ultra marathons can lead to painful blisters, hotspots, and even a dreaded DNF. Our Ultra Run socks keep your feet comfortable while running marathons and ultra marathons by integrating midweight cushioned terry underfoot and around each toe. This comprehensive cushioned running sock helps to soften the repeated impact encountered while running long distances. To further aid in toe protection, innovative COOLMAX EcoMade fibers wrap around each toe, efficiently wicking sweat away and eliminating blister-causing friction. The Injinji Ultra Run series in available in two heights, Mini-Crew and Crew, which each offer a secure fit to seal out gravel and dust.

    Trail Series – Trail Running Socks

    Take your running off-road with Injinji’s Trail series, the best socks for trail running. Injinji’s Trail running socks leverage midweight cushioning to protect your feet as you traverse technical trails—without a bulky feel in your shoes. By integrating Injinji’s trusted five-toe design, the Trail series minimizes friction between the toes, gives your foot the freedom to splay on impact, and lets you utilize your entire foot on winding and unpredictable trails. Sweat wicking COOLMAX EcoMade fibers works to keep feet dry and blister-free, and a supportive band under the arch of the foot provides a stable fit. The Trail series comes in Mini-Crew and Crew heights, which fit securely to keep trail debris out of your socks. 

    Liner + Runner Series – Layered Running Socks

    Runners who are seeking versatile running socks with arch support and extra cushion will love Injinji's Liner + Runner series. The Liner + Runner is a unique two-sock running system that delivers exceptional blister prevention, moisture management and total foot utilization. The baselayer sock is Injinji's ultra-thin Liner, designed to wick sweat and protect your toes from blisters while running. The outer sock is Injinji’s Runner, a seamless sock specially designed to layer over the Liner to provide underfoot cushioning, ventilation, and arch support. The Liner + Runner is available in a Mini-Crew height and falls right between the calf and ankle. 

    Injinji Running Socks Features

    Made for ultimate comfort and performance, Injinji’s running toesocks come in a wide variety of options for your unique needs and preferences.  

    • Materials For Moisture Management: Runners need moisture wicking socks, and moisture wicking fibers are integrated into all of Injinji’s running socks, including COOLMAX EcoMade and Merino wool. COOLMAX EcoMade is a recycled polyester fiber that wicks moisture quickly, leaving your skin feeling cool and dry. Merino wool, naturally grown by Merino sheep, evaporates sweat, resists bad odors, and regulates temperature—making Merino wool running socks the perfect option for various seasons, terrains, and weather forecasts.

    • Height: Injinji socks come in a variety of heights, so that you can choose what is most comfortable for you. No-Show running socks sit below the ankle, with a heel tab to reduce chafing, Mini-Crew running socks sits between the ankle and the calf, Crew running socks securely sit at mid-calf, and Over The Calf running socks sit right below the knee.

    • Weight: Running sock weight, or thickness, refers to a sock’s level of cushioning, and is a matter of personal preference and functional need. Injinji socks weights range from Lightweight and Original Weight for a low cushion feel, to Midweight and Midweight with Padded Toes for added protection.

    • Sizing: Injinji’s sizing include Men’s running socks, Women’s running socks, and Unisex running socks.

    • Blister Prevention: All of Injinji running socks pack in the ultimate Injinji feature, which is the five-toe sleeve design that minimizes friction between the toes. No matter the distance, runners will appreciate these anti-blister running socks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of socks should I wear when running?

    Injinji has a pair of running socks for every type of runner. The best socks for running shorter distances on pavement are the Run Lightweight No-Show and Women’s Run Lightweight No-Show socks. The best socks for trail running are the Trail Midweight Mini-Crew and Women’s Trail Midweight Mini-Crew socks. The best socks for running ultra marathons are the Ultra Run Crew and Women’s Ultra Run Crew socks. The best running socks for layering up for added cushion are the Men’s Liner + Runner Mini-Crew and the Women’s Liner + Runner Mini-Crew. The best running socks with compression are the Ultra Compression OTC and the Women’s Ultra Compression OTC.

    Are toesocks good for running?

    Toesocks are an excellent choice for running, as they allow your toes to splay and align naturally on impact. Toesocks protect your feet by wrapping each toe in fabric, which minimizes blister-causing friction. Injinji toesocks are created with moisture wicking fibers to keep your feet dry and comfortable in sweaty situations.

    What are the best socks to prevent blisters when running?

    Blisters are caused by the combination of heat, sweat and friction in your shoes and between your toes. Injinji toesocks are the best socks to prevent blisters while running because they combine the performance of sweat wicking materials with a friction-reducing five-toe sleeve design. No sweat, no friction, no blisters.